Q:  What is CCHI? 

A:  CCHI stands for Collaborative Community Housing Initiative.

CCHI's mission is to meet the urgent need for inclusive, attainable housing, that offers community spaces, inspires social connections, and unites people of all abilities.

CCHI envisions a supportive community where individuals of all abilities live collectively, each determining their own path to a meaningful life.

Q:  Who is in CCHI?

A:  A group of families with special needs young adults joined with community members who support this vision of inclusive living, all working as volunteers to make this a reality.

Q:  How is this housing different than what is currently offered?

A:  There is nothing currently offered in our area that offers affordable housing, with inclusive living opportunities for individuals with special needs. 

Q: What do you mean by inclusive living? 

A:  Inclusive means all people living together in a society with equal status, position and opportunities.  People with special needs are often excluded and segregated, not necessarily by intention, but by the nature of the community and society.  Inclusive living is all abilities living under one roof.

Q:  Why is inclusive living important? 

A:  Individuals with special needs have a right to live in their home communities.  By establishing inclusive living models that offer different levels of social engagement and community building opportunities, everyone has an opportunity to live in a more diverse setting, which unites people of all ages.  No one in our community deserves to be left out or segregated because they are considered “different”.

Q:  What would the ratio be for this model? 

A: The ratio we are looking at is 25% of people with disabilities, 75% without disabilities. 

Q: Is CCHI a Real Estate Company? 

A: No. CCHI is filing for a non profit status as a charitable organization. 

Q: Where are you planning on having this?

A:  Ideally downtown Highland Park/Highwood(or surrounding areas) for the following reasons:  

Accessibility to transportation for staff and residents, walkability to grocery, pharmacy, local stores, restaurants and community offerings.  This location would ensure residents are close to established family and friends and employment. 

A: How big is this housing community?

B: We foresee a range of 60-80 units based on the land we are able to obtain.  We hope to offer One, Two and Three Bedroom Apartments and Townhomes as part of our community. 

Q:  Who will live in this community?

A:  Community members with disabilities from the North Shore will live with non disabled individuals.  Preferably individuals who work in and serve the community and can not afford market rate housing. 

Q: What does this building look like?

A:  We envision a multi unit building with community accessible spaces on the first floor.  This includes a reception desk, tv viewing area, work stations, and a space for hanging out and socializing.  Also included will be a professional kitchen and a fitness room. 

Q: What other things make this project special?

A:  Aside from offering all people the opportunity to live in a diverse environment, advanced technology in every unit offers safety measures and technology supports where appropriate.  Green spaces for all to enjoy, accessibility, LEED, and universally designed spaces created for those with sensory issues, provide one of a kind efficient and healthy living options. 

Q: Is there a staff on site to support people with special needs?

A:  There will be a full time Community Director who offers ongoing social opportunities for the entire community. This individual coordinates the relationships with outside peer organizations who help facilitate the engagement of all residents. Additionally there will be a full time property manager provided by the landlord.  Individual service providers will be hired by each resident based on need. 

Q: What kind of social opportunities will be offered?

A: Like most contemporary co-living environments, there will be weekly shared meals, movie nights, group discount offerings for local entertainment, pizza parties and celebrations for special occasions. 

Q: How much does this cost and who is paying for it?

A: The costs of the land, development and building are paid for by the developer.  The cost of the Community Director will be supported by CCHI. The cost of each unit will depend on the size and the residents income, in accordance with the Affordable Housing Rules through the Lake County Housing Authority.

Service Providers will be paid by the individual.

Q: What can I do to be a part of this amazing project?

A:  We appreciate any donations to contribute to our grassroots movement.  

Speak with your neighbors, local businesses and politicians about the urgent need for inclusive housing and the benefits it will bring to your community.  Volunteer at any of our events, planning meetings or help out with one of our many committees.  Support us!