Bringing people of all abilities together to support a vibrant new kind of inclusive community. We will accomplish this through collaboration with like minded partners to create shared spaces to live, work, play and serve our neighbors.


  • People of all abilities are welcome and included
  •  The opportunity for life long friendships  
  • Turning 22 won’t mean isolation from school friends
  • Neighbors have common spaces to watch TV or movies together, share pot-luck dinners, play games, hold holiday celebrations  and hang out with each other
  • The environment is consciously designed to be mindful of sensory challenges and differing physical abilities
  • Inclusive housing is created in partnership with the communities where it will exist
  • A mix of affordable, sustainable housing types are available, according to the needs and individual choices of the people who will live there
  • Technology supports residents in multiple areas of their lives according to their needs
  • Viable business and sustainable social enterprise(s) serve the community and offer  job training and employment for people of all abilities
  • Professionals in training in social work, speech, occupational, physical, music and art therapy are actively involved in helping foster comfort and socialization in community centered spaces
  • Common green space is accessible to all neighbors
  • Accessible public or community sponsored, supported transportation is readily available
  • Appropriate security respects privacy while ensuring residents are safe
  • Joy and laughter occur daily

Our Vision

CCHI envisions communities where individuals of all abilities live collectively, each determining their own path to a meaningful life.

Our Initiatives

Attainable Housing

Meeting the need for attainable , sustainable inclusive housing in our home communities.

Community Partnerships

Partnering with Business, Universities and Organizations to engage with our community. 

Social Enterprise

Working with local business to serve our community and provide job training  and employment opportunities.